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The Chuckwagon has closed.

Well, it is with mixed emotions that we announce that the Shadey Acres Chuckwagon has closed.

In July of 2015, we began preparations to move to Nicaragua as career missionaries with BMDMI.  Our first step was to close the chuckwagon, due to the amoutn of time required to operate it well.  As we are raising funds to be able to long term missionaries, we do not have the time available to run the chuckwagon and do it well.

We thank all of our loyal customers and all of those who have enjoyed our food over the past 3 years.  And, we are sad to be unable to continue to offer our food and services.  But, as we are following God's call on our lives, we must get ready to move.

Thank you to all who have made our nearly 3 years of service so enjoyable!

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